What to expect

The Spinechecker’s ANATOMY OF THE SPINE: A Functional and Vitalistic Approach to Alignment, Movement, and Vibrancy is a comprehensive body-mind-spine journey through the diverse regions of the spine based on anatomy (traditional, dissectional, sacred, occult, energetic), various theories, styles and approaches to movement (yoga, weightlifting), evolution, anthropology, and ancient civilizations, and Eastern, Chiropractic and Western Science (neuroscience, stress and wellness physiology.

Topics / Major Concepts:

  1. 360˚ Degree Evolutionary + Developmental + Energetic History of the Spine

  2. Breaking down the Spine Holistically and Segmentally in a Bone by Bone Exploration

  3. Renaming the Regions of the Spine for the 21st Century- “The Three New Territories”

  4. Cervical and Lumbar Curve Anatomy and Disc Hygiene from an Anthropological Perspective

  5. Why Traction Protocols are Critical for Disc Longevity and Neurological Function

  6. Optimal Alignment Points Beyond the Plumb Line

  7. Vitalistic Postural Analysis

  8. The X-Y-Z Planes of Movement- Ranges of Movement and Coupled Motion

  9. The Nervous System – The Integrating Master of the Human Ecosystem

  10. The Big Ideas: Epigenetics, Homeostasis, Neuroplasticity, Tissue Healing

  11. The Devastating Bio-mechanical, Neurological and Energetic Effects of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex on the Modern Day Human

Who Is This Tailor-Made For?

This training is specifically designed for Doctors of Chiropractic, Acupuncturists Yoga Teachers, and movement enthusiasts who want to deepen their knowledge of the body.

With the information in this program you’ll be able to help your patients or clients be more energy efficient, prevent injury, improve their strength, balance and mobility, and improve their overall quality of life by minimizing stress and tension in the spinal joints, discs, and surrounding tissues.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Let's Begin the Journey

    • Welcome to The Spinechecker's Anatomy of the Spine

  • 2

    Skull Morphology and Other Cool Stuff

    • The Skull Video

  • 3

    The Upper Cervical Spine

    • The Upper Cervical Spine- Atlas and Axis

  • 4

    The Rest of the Cervical Spine

    • Cervical Three Through Seven

  • 5

    The Thoracic Spine

    • The Primordial Curve... The Thoracic Spine

    • Even More Anatomy Gems from the Thoracic Spine...

  • 6

    The Most Dense Region of the Spine..... The Lumbars

    • The Lumbar Spine

  • 7

    The Foundation of the Spine: Sacrum, Pelvis and Coccyx

    • The Sacred Sacrum

    • The Pelvis and the Source of Creation

    • The Tailbone.....The Coccyx

  • 8

    Beyond the Cevicals, Thoracics, Lumbars, Sacrum, Pelvis and Coccyx... But still spinal. :)

    • Transitional Regions of the Spine

  • 9

    Structural and Energetic Concepts.... that may get a little weird.... yet still intriguing.

    • The Development of the Curves

    • Movement Progressions from Childhood to Adulthood to Super Yogi

    • Spinal Evolution... not excluding mythological creatures... such as the Centaur

    • The Standard for Optimal Alignment.... (if there really is such a thing)

    • Bones, Joint Shapes, and Direction of Movement

  • 10

    Another Deeper Pass at the Cervical Spine

    • Cervical Spine Round Two

  • 11

    Another Deeper Pass at the Thoracic Spine

    • Thoracic Spine Part Deux

  • 12

    Another Deeper Pass at the Lumbar Spine

    • Bones, Joint Shapes and Direction of Movement

    • Unique Features of the Lumbar Spine

  • 13

    Another Deeper Pass at the Sacrum and Pelvis

    • Cat and Dog Tilts... Nutation and Counternutation....

    • Linking up the Movements of the Pelvis with the Spine (most controversial section of this training)

    • Pelvic Connections and Pregnancy!

    • Postural Analysis Without Being Awkward and Creepy ;)

    • Pelvic Muscles as Neurological Sensors (it's radical)

  • 14

    Epigenetics..... the Key to Becoming Strong, Aligned, Connected and Energized

    • Forces, Loads, Inputs, Signals, Shapes and Frequencies

    • Vertebral Subluxation and Failed Adaptation

    • The Original Warrior Pose and Stress

    • Neuroception and Tapping into Your Energy Systems

THE SPINECHECKER'S Anatomy of the Spine

A Functional and Vitalistic Approach to Alignment, Movement, and Vibrancy


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