A Unique, Experiential Online Progressive Movement Sequence Training

The Wise Progressions is a Full Spine Movement Sequence based on Chiropractic and Yogic Principles of alignment and bio-mechanics

You’re going to lubricate and activate all of the stuff in your spine… the joints, the capsules, the ligaments, the muscles, the tendons, the fascia, and the proprioceptors in a scientifically choreographed manner from the highest point of your spine, the occiput, to the lowest at the sacrum, as well as the gateways to the spine, the shoulders and hips.

The movement sequences are designed to help you explore your anatomy's unique characteristics by: 

  • Deepening your connection to your body

  • Improving your performance & fitness levels, and 

  • Reducing tension

The end result? A young, strong, and flexible spine.

The Practice

This practice can be performed in its entirety as a complete practice or in small components. 

It’s holistic and targeted and is appropriate for most skill levels.

Here's how the course works:

  • There are 5 progressive regional “Salutations” that you can complete at your leisure.

  • Each module has one video demonstrating the movements, based on an exclusive downloadable flow chart that's yours to keep.

  • You'll also have a short reading assignment to give philosophical and scientific insight before you dive into the movements.

Deepen Your Movement Practice and Get Healthier

Here's what you'll learn:

The following progressive movement sequences:

  1. Neck (This aline is worth $1 million.)

  2. Shoulder Complex (Scapulothoracic and Glenohumeral Joints)

  3. Upper, Middle Back and Low Back

  4. Pelvis and Hips

    Bonus: Central Channel: Core

How to explore in different planes of movement: 

Seated | Standing | Face Up | Face Down | Side laying

Here's what you'll get:

  1. An exclusive downloadable Flow Chart

  2. Five regionally themes dynamic movement demonstration videos, all led by yours truly

Dr. Jeremy Brook, "The Spinechecker"


Dr. Jeremy Brook, aka “The Spinechecker,” is a Los Angeles Chiropractor, yogi, and movement specialist. He is the founder of The Life Center Chiropractic, a unique healing oasis that incorporates the disciplines of chiropractic, spinal corrective protocols, yoga, and other movement art forms to make sure the spine, body, and mind are aligned. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Brook has been teaching an anthropological, evolutionary and energetic approach to anatomy and also teaches chiropractic adjusting seminars to Doctors of Chiropractic and students of chiropractic.